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KHDK Scuzz Box review

Hammett-approved dirtbox

  • £168
  • €198

Our Verdict

Another fine pedal from the KHDK team.


  • Scuzz setting is impressive. Great voicing.


  • None.

From Kirk Hammett's KHDK stable, 
the Scuzz Box offers two very different modes (Fuzz and Scuzz).

Fuzz is much like any germanium fuzz (think Hendrix-era Fuzz Face), giving great dynamic tones that clean up nicely with your guitar's volume, while the tone and deep knobs act more as high- and low-cuts respectively.

Where it really comes into its own however, is on the Scuzz setting. This gives you a gated velcro fuzz tone with hint of octave/bit-crushed effects, but never becomes thin and grating in the top-end like some more extreme fuzzes can.

There's also a buffer switch that's really handy for reducing interference when used in conjunction with other pedals or long cables.