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Crazy Tube Circuits Ziggy review

Two Brits, one drive box

  • £179
  • $225
Ziggy emulates both a Vox AC30 Top Boost and a Marshall JTM45 amp sound

Our Verdict

An overdrive with distinct character - try it if you fancy some 60s Brit amp tone.


  • Cool recreation of two old favourites.


  • Four-screw battery access.

Originating in Greece and used by Billy Gibbons, Dweezil Zappa and Nels Cline, Crazy Tube Circuits are compact effects pedals featuring high-quality components.

The Ziggy drive pedal is designed to give you the sound of two classic Brit amps: AC30 Top Boost and JTM45.


It's the gain knob that holds the key here. Starting with mild overdrive and a bright tonality, it gradually loses the trebly edge and gets crunchier. Up to about midway it's reminiscent of a Vox with some dirt dialled in before venturing into cranked Marshall territory.