Crazy Tube Circuits Ziggy review

Two Brits, one drive box

  • £179
  • $225
Ziggy emulates both a Vox AC30 Top Boost and a Marshall JTM45 amp sound

MusicRadar Verdict

An overdrive with distinct character - try it if you fancy some 60s Brit amp tone.


  • +

    Cool recreation of two old favourites.


  • -

    Four-screw battery access.

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Originating in Greece and used by Billy Gibbons, Dweezil Zappa and Nels Cline, Crazy Tube Circuits are compact effects pedals featuring high-quality components.

The Ziggy drive pedal is designed to give you the sound of two classic Brit amps: AC30 Top Boost and JTM45.


It's the gain knob that holds the key here. Starting with mild overdrive and a bright tonality, it gradually loses the trebly edge and gets crunchier. Up to about midway it's reminiscent of a Vox with some dirt dialled in before venturing into cranked Marshall territory.

Trevor Curwen has played guitar for several decades – he's also mimed it on the UK's Top of the Pops. Much of his working life, though, has been spent behind the mixing desk, during which time he has built up a solid collection of the guitars, amps and pedals needed to cover just about any studio session. He writes pedal reviews for Guitarist and has contributed to Total Guitar, MusicRadar and Future Music among others.