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Crazy Tube Circuits Vyagra Boost review

Boost relief for tonal dysfunction

  • £179
  • $210
The Vyagra Boost boasts two footswitches - one to bypass and one to engage the EQ circuit

Our Verdict

A versatile booster - stomp hard and stiffen your tone.


  • Practical parametric EQ. Separate switching. Gain.


  • No centre-détente on cut/boost knob.

With an overall bypass footswitch and a separate one for the parametric EQ, the Vyagra Boost offers a full-range clean boost of up to 25dB with or without tonal change.


The boost ranges from just a tickle to take things up a level, to enough to drive even a clean valve amp well into distortion.

With up to 15dB of cut or boost at frequencies in a range from 120Hz to 1.2kHz, the EQ can spank the low and midrange where you need it, so you can scoop out the mids or dial in a nice presence peak - great for mimicking a parked wah.