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Cioks DC10 review

This guitar pedal power supply is Chock-full of power

A well-equipped supply, covering a myriad of pedal combinations

Our Verdict

An extremely versatile power supply that will suit most pedalboards. If you have a massive 'board, check out the Ciokolate

Based in Denmark, Cioks has several power supplies in its own range, and also makes the PowerFactor for Eventide. The DC10 is the sort of supply that would be well suited to a medium-sized pedalboard.

It has no fewer than 10 outlets in eight isolated sections - outlets seven and eight share the same ground, as do nine and 10.

We like the Swiss army knife approach of the DC10, in that it seems to be designed to take on any pedal (including 15V Radial Tonebones), and comes with all the cables you need - so it's ready for action straight out of the box.