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Behringer BO100 Blues Overdrive review

  • £15
Instant blues for £15!

Our Verdict

Surprisingly good and a bargain at the price. Behringer looks poised to clean up.


  • The price surprising range of high quality drive sounds on offer


  • Nothing – go out and buy one of these

In the low reaches of this pedal's gain control, blues-rock riffing and 'woman' tone lead lines are catered for amply with just the right balance between raunch and smoothness.

Perhaps the ace up the Blues Overdrive's sleeve is what it can do over and above its remit. Rev the gain right up - and there's a surprising amount on tap - and back the tone off, and with the guitar's neck pickup selected there's a huge neo-fuzz tone on the verge of meltdown; great for fat, sustaining single note riffs and evil-sounding chord sequences.

Any cynicism held towards a £15 overdrive pedal is rendered utterly redundant after five minutes with the BO100.