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Akai Drive3 Fuzz review

  • £59
  • $279
The Drive3 Fuzz effectively runs a wide tonal gamut.

Our Verdict

With a versatile range of fuzz tones, this is not a million miles from a Big Muff and a viable alternative to one.


  • Plenty of gain boost; useful range of fuzz tones on tap.


  • Not much.

Akai says that there are two separate fuzz circuits squeezed into the chassis of the Drive3 fuzz. The first one is based on modern LEDs, while the second one uses regular diodes, but you can combined the two should you wish to.


First off there's plenty of gain here via the level switch to give your amp a kick before you even start adding in the fuzz, which ranges from mild amp overdrive to full-on fuzzed-out sustain.

The drive3 switch offers three different flavours - boost, warm and muffy - but the tone knob is where you can really focus the sound: from liquid honey to angry wasp.