Brian Setzer on rockabilly picking using barre chords

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Brian Setzer is a master of the rockabilly style
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This sequence shows how Brian uses barre chords combined with fingerpicking to get his patented rockabilly sound.
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At bar 8 (the 5/4 bar), Brian was about to talk and momentarily lost concentration! We've tabbed what he actually played, but to keep it as a 4/4 bar simply leave out the beat in the brackets.

Brian Setzer is a legend in the rockabilly world. His playing has inspired many budding guitarists throughout his illustrious career. He's most famous for his work in the Stray Cats and the Brian Setzer Orchestra.

In this video lesson Brian shows you how to get a classic rockabilly sound by using barre chords. He also embellishes the chords with extra notes.

This can be quite tricky, so if you find yourself struggling, you might like to start off with one of Brian's other lesson on rockabilly picking using open chords.

You can learn Brian's examples by following our free tab

For more information go to the official Brian Setzer website.


Brian Setzer fingerpicking with open chords