Dunlop Joe Bonamassa Cry Baby

The JB Cry Baby, unveiled at the NAMM Show in January, features a number of tweaks designed around Joe's personal preferences.

For starters, the pedal has been designed with an especially large vocal sweep. Controlling the extended range may take some getting used to, but the tone has been balanced perfectly, so you'll soon find oodles of expression and control at your disposal.

"The tone sings with plenty of mid-heavy oomph to get you noticed"

The tone sings with plenty of mid-heavy oomph to get you noticed, but also has a snarling, throaty side to it that supposedly comes from the implementation of a Halo inductor, a prized component that was common on early Vox wahs. Other than the tone itself, this Cry Baby also features an output buffer, which means it'll work much better with the kinds of vintage pedals that Joe adores.

The pickiest of tone-hounds can often spend hours debating the use of true or non-true bypass, and the good news is that Dunlop has seen fit to include both, thanks to a switch hidden beneath the base plate.

Dunlop has no less than nine signature Cry Baby pedals currently wailing away in its catalogue. So is the JB any different?

Well, the fact that it's the only model that sports the ever-desirable Halo inductor, in conjunction with the extended range and clever extras, means we're inclined to say yes.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Vocal range; Halo inductor; switchable bypass.


Takes a little getting to know.


A superb blues and rock‑oriented wah.

Available Controls


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