Dr Green The Hairy Tongue review

  • £129

Vintage-style fuzz pedal fun

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Our Verdict

A traditional Brit fuzz box. Nice.


  • Solid build. Simple layout. Nicely voiced fuzz.


  • A tone knob could have added more versatility.
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A new line of stompboxes from amp maker Hayden, Dr Green pedals are hand-built in the UK with an extremely robust steel construction.

"Fat fuzzy goodness with a natural voicing not unlike a good Fuzz Face"

Idiosyncratically, their connections (input left, output right) are out of kilter with most current designs, but their close positioning means any lead crossing is kept to a minimum. The Hairy Tongue is a vintage fuzz pedal - a classic two-knob design based around a set of silicon transistors.


There's a range of sounds available here. Volume knob up and minimum fuzz brings in a nice dirty boost, but advancing the fuzz knob gradually brings in thick, fat fuzzy goodness with a natural voicing not unlike a good Fuzz Face.

Tech Specs

AccessoriesVelvet carrying bag
Country of OriginUK
Unit Power Source9 Volt Batteries 9V DC Adaptor
Available ControlsFuzz Volume
Dimensions67 x 55 x 123
Available Outputs1/4 Inch Jack
Available Inputs1/4 Inch Jack
FeaturesTrue bypass