Waves releases Butch Vig Vocals plugin

Get his trademarked distorted sound using a single processor

Butch Vig is known not only for his membership of Garbage and all-round production nous, but also specifically for his trademark distorted vocal sound.

It's this sound that Waves says you can recreate with its new Butch Vig Vocals plugin. Created in collaboration with Vig, this offers a 3-band EQ, LoCut, HiCut and MidDip filters, a compressor, a de-esser, and tube and solid state saturation with LoCut and HiCut controls and a blend option.

You can watch Vig discussing the plugin in the video above; it's available now in all the usual native plugin formats for PC and Mac. The full price is $150, but it's currently on sale for $99.

You can find out more and download a demo on the Waves website.

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