Phone becomes boombox with 'music jacket'

JBL speakers for modular mobile

modu sound jacket
Could this be a mobile that actually sounds good?

Kids who play music through their mobile phone speakers are frequently subjected to MusicRadar's ire – especially if they happen to be on a train – but a new device might actually make their tunes listenable.

modu is a new type of modular mobile phone – the idea is that you can customise it for certain applications by fitting it with different 'jackets'. One of these contains a pair of JBL speakers – rather than plugging them into the handset, they actually become part of it.

The resulting 'mini-boombox' looks a little on the chubby side – we're not sure how well it'd fit into your pocket – but it should certainly sound better than the average phone.

You can find out more about the modu system on the product website – the music jacket should be available later this year.

(Via Engadget)