New hardware controller for u-he ACE VST plug-in

Take a look at this new DIY hardware controller from Mario Jurisch

Image 1 of 5 Ace controller
DIY at its finest. Click the image for a gallery of more shots.
© Mario Jurisch
Image 2 of 5 Ace controller front
Front view.
© Mario Jurisch
Image 3 of 5 Ace controller close
Controls mirror u-he's ACE VST
© Mario Jurisch
Image 4 of 5 Ace controller joystick
Pitch Mod Joystick.
© Mario Jurisch
Image 5 of 5 Ace controller front close
Patch points are yet to be implemented.
© Mario Jurisch

We've seen some of Mario Jurisch's controller work before when he tackled GForce Software's ImpOSCar 2 software. Now, he's back with some hands-on hardware for the ACE Synth.

Click here for pics of Jurisch's DIY u-he controller

Yet again, it's all very neatly done, with a beautiful three octave keyboard, wooden casing and a finish that mirrors the software. To see more unique DIY MIDI controllers and catch up on Jurisch's progress with the ACE, head over to

Here are some words from Jurisch about the new controller.

"The ACE Controller has a three octave keyboard with velocity and channel aftertouch. About 90 knobs, eight Sliders, six switches and joystick to control the most important parameters of the software.

"For the moment, the patch sockets have no function, because there is no MIDI learn function for these sockets. I placed them for the final look and maybe for later use. I hope Mr.Heckmann finds a way to add the MIDI learn function of the patch sockets."

Unfortunately, this is another hardware creation that Jurisch has built as his hobby. So, please don't email him for a price as it's not for sale!