VIDEO: Robben Ford on his blonde 1960 Telecaster

Legendary electric guitarist shows us his gorgeous vintage guitar

YouTube :

Guitarist recently caught up with the legendary Robben Ford, who told us all about the gorgeous vintage Tele that's all over his back catalogue:

"It's a '60. I bought that in a guitar shop in San Francisco called Black Market Music. I really wasn't looking for it. We just went to a music store, maybe to get strings or something when I was on the road, touring, and I saw the guitar. I thought immediately of Mike Bloomfield, because on one of the Butterfield Blues Band records, there's a picture of him and Butterfield and he's playing this white Tele that looks just like that.

"So, I went over, picked it up and started playing it - and I couldn't leave the store without it. Honestly, prior to that time, I never would have even considered a Telecaster. I never would have gone: 'I gotta go out and get me a Telecaster.' But this guitar was sitting there, so I started to play it, and by the time I'd finished I had to have it.

"I play it 50 per cent of the time, now. It's such a good guitar - it's kinda the workhorse. If I can only have one guitar, this thing will work for just about everything - almost. It was a great find and I'm so glad that I got it."

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