Oceansize live gear video walkthrough

Oceansize, jumping up and down with excitement at meeting MusicRadar

Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up, the fourth studio album by Manchester progressive rock geniuses Oceansize, is released on Monday 6 September.

Earlier in 2010, MusicRadar met up with band members Mike Vennart, Steve Durose, Gambler, Mark Heron and Steven Hodson, who walked and talked us through their individual live set-ups during soundcheck at Cardiff Barfly.

Check out the video to see and hear the stories behind the guitars, pedalboards, amps, drums and more that play their part in the band's monolithic wall of sound. Hardcore gear nerds should also be able to get a glimpse of their effects and amp settings too!

For more on Oceansize, visit the band's website, or check out the trailer for the new album here: