Cool and classic basses: Warwick Fortress Flashback

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Warwick Fortress Flashback
(Flash)back to the future

In spite of the Flashback designation and the unusual adoption of fifties styling on the pickups and scratchplate, this was a bang up to date offering from Warwick when it first hit in 1996.

This was a time when the Danelectro Lipstick Tube style pickups were experiencing renewed interest, so using a similar look on the MEC units here was a brilliant design move. However, the 2-Tek bridge assembly is a masterpiece of engineering - the bulk of the unit is hidden within a rear body cavity, with only the four individual saddles appearing through slots cut through the body surface, making them look like four separate bridge units.

The coil tap on the humbucker widens the tonal range enormously and offers some extra bite as well. The neck meanwhile is surprisingly slim, being only 38mm at the nut and here the brass Just-A-Nut is the original Warwick design that offers additional height adjustment for the strings. It was relatively cost effective instrument at the time and was offered in a fantastic range of colours in both stained oil and gloss finishes.

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