Samplebase Vintage Drumkits Jazz, RnB, Funk

A new collection of drum samples for Samplebase

This is a SoundBlock that plays via Samplebase's own sample player, Satellite. It contains four multisampled drumkits, and the sounds are adequate.

However it serves as a reminder of just how far drum ROMplers have come on in recent years - it takes a lot of work to get things sounding realistic.

However, Vintage Drumkits costs a mere $39, so if you're fed up of filling your hard drive to the brim with multisampled libraries, then it could be a breath of fresh air.

However, if system resources aren't a concern, we reckon it's worth saving up for one of the new generation of drum ROMplers.

MusicRadar Rating

3 / 5 stars

Wide range of samples. Good value. Small size.


Not the best sounding.


If you're lacking disk space or money, then this is a drumkit collection you'll be interested in.


Dynamics and expression come easily with these kits, as each drum hit contains anywhere from 3 to 7 velocity layers.


"Vintage Drum Kits - Jazz, RnB, Funk" is a package of three high-quality multisampled drum kits.

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