Musikmesse 2011: T-Rex reveals five new pedals

Triple-voice wah, drive, fuzz and more

Image 1 of 5 T Rex pedals
The Gull Triple Voice Wah
Image 2 of 5 T Rex pedals
Hobo Drive
Image 3 of 5 T Rex pedals
Tonebug Booster
Image 4 of 5 T Rex pedals
Tonebug Sensewah
Image 5 of 5 T Rex pedals
Tonebug Fuzz

Musikmesse 2011: Danish effects pedal maker T-Rex have five new, retro-looking stompboxes to show-off at this year's Musikmesse. Check out the press release below for details on each and take a closer look at all the pedals in the image gallery or by clicking on each pedal's name.


Gull Triple Voice Wah

  • 3 pedals in one
  • 2 distinct wah-wah sounds
  • Unique dual-filter yoy-yoy effect
  • Controls: Pedal, Mode, Slope, Boost, Hotspot
  • Slope knob for shaping your wah/yoy
  • Boost function for a higher volume on your output signal
  • Hotspot button for an altered response

RRP £199

Hobo Drive

  • Versatile overdrive
  • Works as a real preamp
  • Adjustable boost setting for soloing and extra gain
  • Pre/post switch - boost the signal before it hits the preamp
  • Controls: On/Off, Preamp, Master, Tone, Boost button, Boost knob, Pre/post switch


Tonebug Booster

  • Boosts your tone without losing it
  • Intuitive, uncomplicated controls
  • Cool retro design
  • Makes sure your solos are loud enough
  • Tone shaping scoop control and boost control

RRP £389

Tonebug Sensewah

  • Switch between wah-wah and yoy-yoy
  • Triggers by your playing
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Creates wah effects automatically
  • Controls: Sense knob and Range knob

RRP £145

Tonebug Fuzz

  • Rich, creamy hyper-distortion
  • Controls: Fuzz, Level and Tone
  • Cool retro design
  • Simple user interface
  • Tone control fine tunes the timbre of your fuzz

RRP £99

Information taken from official press release, for more visit T-Rex.

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