UPDATED: Matt Sorum art project revealed

UPDATE: New featuring a brand new shot of SceneFour's drummer collaboration

© MARIO ANZUONI/Reuters/Corbis

Seemingly fed up of waiting for Velvet Revolver to find a new frontman, Matt Sorum is dipping his toe (and his sticks) in the world of art. Take a look inside to see just what the former Guns N Roses drummer has been working on.

Sorum has been busy working with SceneFour to create what is described as an "unprecedented, comprehensive study of rhythm light and 100 rhythmic performances captured on canvases."

For more of a clue on what the hell this means have a look at the teaser video below.

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6w0-QOEShVo&feature=player_embedded

And check out the shot below for more of an idea of what you can expect from the project, although you'll have to wait for the full unveiling to find out who's work this is below and who else is involved.

The whole thing will be fully unveiled on 5 August. Head to www.MattSorumArt.com for more.