Drum heroes week: Kenney Jones

Mod drummer extraordinaire Kenney Jones played with the Small Faces, Faces and The Who

Kenney Jones has enjoyed a long and fruitful career behind the drums since emerging as a teenager with East End mod-leaders the Small Faces in 1965. When leader Steve Marriott walked out the band were joined by Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart and re-branded the Faces. They achieved international success until the mid-'70s, after which Kenney went on to pursue a successful session career, recording with artists from Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry to Joan Armatrading and Billy Bragg. He spent 10 years with The Who from 1979, following the demise of his pal Keith Moon. Rhythm met him recently (you can find the full interview in July 2012's Rhythm), and got the benefits of his wisdom and experience...

On playing for the song...

"Even though you can do all that technical stuff, you don't need to. If you have a great song you will play great drums"

On the end of the Small Faces...

"From day dot we were commercial and had hit singles but we only wanted to be recognised as players. We could play whereas most people couldn't in those days and we wanted that to come across. But it was difficult to lose that teeny bop image, there was only so long you could enjoy it and it lasted four years. And coupled with the fact we did Ogden's Nut Gone Flake... and how could you follow that?"

On playing with The Who...

"The Small Faces and The Who used to tour together and Pete would often invite me over. He'd say I'm writing some songs and ask me to put drums on. I did all the demos so Pete and I locked into playing together. So when I joined The Who it was like home-from-home. I liked playing the powerful songs with cans on - 'Who Are You' and 'Won't Get Fooled Again' especially."

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