ElliottGarage revamps iOS synth EGSY01

V2 of iPad/iPhone synth includes InterApp audio, CoreMIDI, and an improved audio engine


ElliottGarage have announced V2.0 of their analogue-emulating synth for iPad and iPhone, the EGSY01.

The synth, which already boasts a touch sensitive keyboard, modern and vintage sounds, a step sequencer plus FM, addictive and subtractive synthesis, has added the following updates:

Redesigned graphical user interface

  • Audio engine revised and improved in performance (even for older generation devices)
  • InterApp audio (generator)
  • MIDI In from other app and MIDI controllers
  • Panel with buffer size settings, voices polyphony and oscillosope
  • New presets
  • Help
  • Panel BPM tempo, with tap tempo, tempo sync for Delay & Arpeggiator, and subdivisions (4/4, 6/8 and 8/8)
  • Arpeggiator - 4 different types of arpeggiator, gate, selection arpeggio octaves
  • Step sequencer with selection from 4 to 16 steps and pitch values root, fifth, 1 octave, 1 octave fifth, 2 octave
  • Setting for keyboard and arpeggiator portamento
  • Stereo delay (can be synchronized with the arpeggiator)
  • Loading last preset at restart

For more information, visit the EGYS1 on the App Store.

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