Pizza Hut, Home Depot deny ripping off The Black Keys' music in ads

Black Keys members Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach are none too pleased with Pizza Hut and The Home Depot
(Image: © Toni Francois/The Hell Gate/Corbis)

Last June, The Black Keys filed suit against Pizza Hut and The Home Depot, claiming that the companies used elements of the band's music in commercials to sell Cheesy Bites and power tools, respectively.

Attorneys for both companies fired back this week, denying the band's allegations in court documents filed in Los Angeles. In addition, each company is asking that The Black Keys pay their attorneys' fees should they win the case.

At issue are The Black Keys songs Gold On The Ceiling, which the band alleges Pizza Hut used elements of in their ad (compare videos above and below), and Lonely Guy, which the group says The Home Depot used elements of for their Ryobi One Plus System ad (that TV spot on YouTube is listed as private).

So while we can't present you with the Lonely Guy/Home Depot comparison, what do you think of the Gold On The Ceiling/Pizza Hut connection? Do The Black Keys have a case?