25 per cent of musicians lose their instruments

Insurer's survey reveals that everybody needs insurance

Image: © Laura Doss/Corbis. He's smiling because he stole the guitar from an eight year-old.

A new survey commissioned by specialist instrument insurers Allianz Musical Insurance has revealed that a staggering 25 per cent of players have recently lost an instrument or had it stolen.

The company asked musicians about their experiences and found that the main cause of missing instruments was forgetfulness. In fact, 60 per cent of those who lost their instruments blamed themselves, having left their instrument in venues, on public transport or even in hotels. The second most common cause was theft, primarily from a vehicle, but occasionally from the musician's home.

It's always worth taking extra care when travelling with your guitar, especially when you consider that, according to Allianz, the cost of replacing each instrument averaged at £650 per claim.

We can't help you with your memories, but if possible, TG recommends you never leave your instrument unattended and/or on display in a vehicle, particularly when loading in and out at a venue/rehearsal space.