Jack White to record solo album in 2010?

Or will there be a new White Stripes LP?

Jack White to record solo album in 2010

With more spin than Malcolm Tucker and Alastair Campbell playing spin the bottle on a spinning top, some news outlets have been announcing the imminent arrival of a Jack White solo album with such promise-filled headlines as, 'Jack White reveals solo album details.'

But what did the Ractonteur/White Stripe/Dead erm, Weatherer actually say?

Speaking to Rolling Stone, when asked whether he planned to release a solo album, White said: "Eventually, yeah, for sure."

Presumably, he would play all of the instruments himself? "I've never done that. I thought about that. That might be the challenge - to differentiate from anything else that I've done."

Fans shouldn't get too excited though, as White doesn't seem to know what he's doing next: "It would be a mistake for me to premeditate anything, even in the next six months, to say what I'm going to do. I honestly could be working on a White Stripes[album] in the next two weeks.

"I have no idea if that is going to happen. And the same with The Dead Weather. I'd rather live like this without a calendar in front of me."

That clears that up, then. Oh well, he did at least release a solo single last year:

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UFb5UO-xBg