FU-Tone takes the rattle out of guitar vibrato systems with Noiseless Tremolo Springs

Brightly coloured offerings come in various tensions

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5gvdLx-oYU

For some whammy lovers, the sound of vibrato springs rattling is part of the appeal of the guitar; for others, it's a source of annoyance, and these players will be keen to try FU-Tone's latest batch of Noiseless Tremolo Springs.

The springs' polymer coating and foam core promise to eliminate rattle, vibration and noise that some guitarists experience from standard springs, while a choice of tensions means they should suit any string gauge, scale length or tuning.

All that, and they come in a load of different colours to boot. If you want to quieten down your vibrato (and brighten up your guitar's cavity in the process), FU-Tone's Noiseless Tremolo Springs are available now for $14.95 per set of three from FU-Tone.