NAMM 2012 VIDEO: Paiste's Nicko McBrain Boomer cymbals

Is Nicko McBrain excited about his new Paiste Boomer cymbals? Hard to tell, isn't it?
(Image: © Joe Bosso)

NAMM 2012: Nicko McBrain drew fans by the score at the Paiste booth. For over an hour, the legendary Iron Maiden sticksman signed autograph after autograph - so many, in fact, that it will be quite understandable if his writing hand is too sore to pick up sticks for the next day or two.

McBrain was also at Paiste to launch his new Boomer cymbals, which are an addition to his already successful Alpha series.

Paiste's Andy Shreve gave us the lowdown on the Boomers, and then he filled us in on the new PST8 line of cymbals and the Ndugu Chancler Masterpiece 22-inch Crisp Ride.