TC Electronic promises "the world's first realistic guitar doubling" with Mimiq Doubler effects pedal

Minuscule delays, tiny pitch changes… Various workarounds have been touted as simulating double-tracked guitars, but none have quite captured the magic until now, according to TC Electronic, as it launches the Mimiq Doubler.

Promising "studio-grade doubling" via a proprietary algorithm, the Mimiq can recreate the subtle changes in time, pitch and attack that occur when double-tracking for real.

Players are offered the choice of one, two or three additional dubs, while a tightness control goes from Hetfield-like precision to looser, more laidback sounds.

Controls for effect and dry volumes also feature, as well as stereo inputs and outputs.

After watching the demo video above, we have to say we're impressed. TC is aiming this one at the metalheads among you, and based on the evidence we've seen so far, it should fatten up riffs and solos a treat.

The Mimiq Doubler is available this month for $129.99/€129.