Guild unveil new GAD series acoustic guitars

New models introduced, 19 GAD guitars now available

US manufacturer Guild has announced that it has overhauled its GAD series and added new models in a variety of body styles.

According to the firm, the 19-odd guitars in the new revamped Guild Acoustic Design range will share some features, including satin-finish necks, dovetail neck joints and quality tonewoods.

Click here to view a gallery of some of the new Guild GAD series guitars

Among the new models is the F-150R (MSRP £1,054.80), a Jumbo body acoustic guitar with rosewood back, sides, fingerboard and neck, which along with the body shape, should make for a pretty loud acoustic.

Next up, the D-125 (MSRP £526.80) dreadnaught is constructed primarily from mahogany and will have a rosewood fingerboard. This, says Guild, makes it a "versatile instrument… great for a broad range of musical styles."

Finally, the F-130CE (MSRP £850.80) and it's sister model the F-130RCE (£958.80) are orchestra-style electro-acoustics featuring the Fishman pickup system and are constructed from mahogany and rosewood respectively.

Head to the Guild guitars website for more information and to view the full, expanded GAD series.

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