Scosche RH656md

Over ear headphones

Scosche might not be the first name that comes to mind when on the hunt for monitor headphones, but with plenty of experience in consumer audio and technology, it's a brand worth tracking down.

Though the 656s hint at portable audio listening with a mic and track and volume controls, Scosche insists these cans are "audiophile grade".

"It's only after you reintroduce some treble with EQ that you hear what these cans could have been"

As the RH656mds sit your noggin, their solid grip is at first reassuring, but quickly becomes irritating. The metal band means they're incredibly sturdy, but this is at the expense of comfort. This tight, closed feeling is also reflected in the sound - there's an initial boxiness, with hard low-end, low-mid and rounded-off highs.

It's only after you reintroduce some treble with EQ that you hear what these cans could have been. The hard boxy low-end turns into a satisfying thickness when the highs open up and they are much more balanced.

But you never want to reach for EQ after spending £100, and no EQ is going to help with the discomfort of having them on your head.

MusicRadar Rating

3 / 5 stars

Sturdy build quality.


Need EQ to sound their best. Uncomfortable.


The RH656mds don't sound terrible, but add up the cons and the pros can't keep up. 


Over ear headphones


Inline mic and control; leather covers

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