Mackie SRM150

This shoebox-sized, portable PA has two combined quarter-inch inputs and a phono input. There's a Hi-Z instrument switch and phantom power.

Around the back there are line-level XLR ins and outs for chaining units together. The unit can be fitted to a mic stand for really useful placement when used as stage or DJ foldback. The 3-band EQ keeps things tuned accordingly - and best of all, it goes really loud.

There's obviously no real low-end but for a compact portable solution, it's crystal clear and really usable. Even though it's portable, there are a lot of good monitoring options competing in this price range.

MusicRadar Rating

3.5 / 5 stars

Very portable. Loud!


Lacking in the low register.


A handy, portable PA solution.

Device Type

Extremely portable active loudspeaker system

Additional Features

3 channel mixer, 3-band EQ,Dedicated stereo channel(for ipods keydboards, cds, etc..), Neutrix Combo line for adding or linking products

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