Ion Audio Tape2USB

Turn them into pristine digital audio via this chunky box. Build quality isn't sky high and the tape chassis flexes with each spring-loaded button press but it works just fine.

The supplied EZ Tape Converter 2 software picks up the deck's USB output and gives you a big fat record button. Hit record, press play on the tape and click to tell it when each track ends. Name an artist, album and the tracks and it magically transports them to your iTunes library. Easy.

And there's supplied Audacity software if you want to trim your audio files and filter some of that horrible tape hiss you'll have forgotten about.

The deck isn't great quality – even our most pristine pre-recorded tapes had some wow and flutter – and the inclusion of a second deck for recording is a complete waste of space given that you can't route audio in via USB for some old skool special effects.

Now, if only they could do something about having to wait 45 minutes to record half a C90...

MusicRadar Rating

3.5 / 5 stars

Useful tool.


Quality not fantastic.


It's an OK cassette desk plus a cheap USB interface (output only), but it does the job in some style.

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