Edirol FA-66

A compact portable firewire audio device that's ideal for the travelling music maker

The FA-66 is a compact, highly-portable audio interface which, when used in a four-In/four-Out configuration, offers 192kHz/24-bit audio.

Its dual XLR/TRS inputs feature phantom power – input two has a Hi-Z option for guitar or bass – and there are stereo RCA inputs at the rear.

You can apply an analogue limiter to the audio ins to combat clipping while recording. Optical S/PDIF I/O and MIDI I/O are also available.

Mac users will appreciate the FA- 66's plug-and-play capability – it uses the standard Apple FireWire driver, so you can hook it up and start recording.

XP users, meanwhile, are catered for by ASIO 2 and WDM compliance. You'll need a six-pin connection to power the device from the FireWire bus, but a mains adaptor is included if you have a four-pin.

Naturally, a unit of this size and price is going to be limited on features, but it does provide enough for basic recording sessions on the hoof.

It would ideally suit roving songsmiths, as well as those seeking a high-quality, computer-based field recorder in order to collect real-world ambiences and other sounds.

The FA- 66's metal case is robust enough to withstand a beating and fuss-free operation ensures it won't get in the way of the creative flow.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Sturdy construction. Straightforward setup. Compact.


Limited features.


An entry-level fuss-free interface, which is ideal for the travelling songwriters on a budget.

Weight (g)


OS Requirements

Apple Mac OS X 10.3.3 Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Microsoft Windows XP Professional

Power Supply

Firewire Mains

Additional Requirements

Firewire Port

Supported Bit Depths


S/PDIF in/out


No of Outputs


Supported Audio Drivers

ASIO Core Audio WDM

No. of Inputs (XLR Mic)


Phantom Power


Sampling Frequency

192 44.1 48 96


The FA-66 is a 6-channel portable FireWire audio interface designed with the mobile recording and performance professional in mind.



MIDI in/out




No of Inputs


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