Digital Redux Hip Hop Hotness

While there are definitely some gems among the sounds to be found on this disc, the real essence of the genres seems to be absent.

This is especially true of the loops. There's a sense that the grooves were a little rushed in the production of these, and they just don't have that authentic swing.

However, if you're willing to apply a bit of elbow grease, it should be fairly easy to put all of the sounds to creative use.

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3 / 5 stars

Some usable stuff.


Grooves don't sound authentic.


Another unconvincing hiphop package.

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HIP HOP HOTNESS is the hottest Hip Hop and R&B sample pack. It was created with the serious producers in mind, those that want the platinum selling sound of the scenes biggest producers and engineers. This library contains professionally produ- ced and mixed construction tracks, club beats, hot percussive and ethnic loops, phat club bass, synth leads and an extensive kits samples folders. It also contains a dope selection musical chords and stabs, organized in groups such as orchestral, guitar, keys, horn and brass stabs, labeled in key and ready to go.


Acid WAV AIFF Reason ReFill Rex2 Stylus RMX WAV





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