Cakewalk E-MU Proteus Pack Xtreme Lead 1

Cakewalk's new range repackages the patches from the E-MU sound modules of the 90s in a convenient software format compatible with their Dimension Pro synth.

And for the time being, purchasing any of the range will entitle you to a free Dimension LE download.

Despite that offer it's actually Dimension Pro users who will get the most from Xtreme Lead 1 as many of the patches cry out for tweaking, especially the bass tones.

There are hundreds of other presets beyond those, though, including synths, pads, one-shot kits and effects.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Good presets. Perfect for those '90s E-MU sounds.


Not everyone's cup of tea.


It's a great buy, especially if you're a Dimension Pro owner.

Additional Requirements

Formats; Dimension Pro/Dimension LE


Electronic Trance

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