Big Fish Audio Elements: South America

We found these samples a delight to use, and particularly impressive are the nylon-strung guitar loops, which are immaculately played and sound crisp and clear.

Even if you've never considered using South American samples in your music before, these are worth checking out, as they're the kind of loops that could easily be used outside of their original genre to create interesting, original sounds within any style of music.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Authentic instruments and sounds.


Limited appeal.


Perfect for creating authentic sounding South American music.


309 WAV loops on Disc, 23 Constuction Kits, Loops formatted in WAV, REX, Apple Loops and RMX. The styles and instruments used are wide-ranging. You will hear sounds and traditional instruments from Peru,Argentina,Brazil,Uruguay,Paraguay,Bolivia,Venezuela,Colombia,Chile,and other remote regions.


These 23 construction kits feature essential instruments like guitar, bass, piano, congas, drums & percussion, as well as rarer instruments like quijada, sikus, charango, cuchara, and much more. With 2.7 GB (1GB of 24-bit WAV content) of material in tempos ranging from 87 to 150 bpm, Elements: South America gives you the musical pulse of South American culture.

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