Organise your AudioUnits

Mac users with lots of AudioUnit plugins may find trawling through huge lists to find one specific processor a bit tedious. Up until now you've not been able to alter the way AudioUnits are organised. Auganizer plans to change all this and frees you from the default manufacturer-based lists.

"Auganizer is a standalone app that scans your entire AU collection and displays all available plugins"

Auganizer is a lightweight standalone app that scans your entire AudioUnit collection and displays all available plugins in their current folders. You can name your custom folders how you see fit, which allows you to create individual menus for different types of processor.

For example compressors, multi-band processors and limiters from different manufacturers could be grouped in the same folder. Add in a straightforward interface and the ability to view plugins using overflow and you have quite a tasty little app.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Easy to use. Well thought-out. Useful.


£30 is a slightly painful outlay for an organisation app.


A useful, effective tool for those with large AudioUnit plugin collections.


An app for organising large collections of AU plugins



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