TC Electronic Flashback Mini Delay

Flash... saviour of the echo-verse?

The Flashback Delay has been the shining star of TC's line-up for some time, thanks toits bevy of beautiful delays, including sweet chorus-laden repeats and TC's classic 2290 digital delay.

"The Flashback Mini still boasts its big bro's ultra-cool audio tapping feature"

However, it serves to highlight what makes the stark single setting Mini version frustrating: plenty of guitarists will use more than one delay setting.

Although it's TonePrint-equipped, meaning you can easily transfer new settings to it using your iOS/Android device, you won't want to go beaming a TonePrint from your phone in the middle of a set.

Still, the Flashback Mini still boasts its big bro's ultra-cool audio tapping feature, where you hold the footswitch and strum muted guitar strings to set the delay time.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

True-bypass. TonePrint compatible. Sounds superb.


Could do with more than one TonePrint slot. PSU power only.


With stunning tones the Flashback Mini is a great secondary delay for a crammed 'board.


True-bypass, USB connection

Battery/Adaptor Type

Nine-volt mains adaptor

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