Morley Mark Tremonti Wah

A durable new wah with a penchant for rock

Former Creed guitarist Mark Tremonti’s new project Alter Bridge incorporates plenty of scorching lead playing. The perfect time, then, for the Mark Tremonti signature Power Wah.

Construction verges on the bomb-proof, echoing the aesthetic stylings of Tremonti’s Rectifier backline. On this example glue has been allowed to bleed out from underneath the edge of the rubber, which looks slightly untidy. This minor quibble aside, we were impressed by practical details like the tool-free battery access.

In use

As the Power Wah features an Electro-Optical switchless design, the filter is not engaged until you rock the pedal forward. Unlike a Crybaby or Vox, you can’t lift your foot away and leave the treadle in a half-cocked position, as a large spring returns the pedal to its resting position, disengaging the effect. This may take some getting used to, but we found it liberating.

With the Wah Boost control set to zero, the basic tonality has a distinctly modern voicing. The sweep is narrower than a vintage-style wah, eliminating the scratchiest part of the high end. The on-board boost brings in a raucous 20dB extra gain, more than enough to get you noticed in a dense mix. Also, the location of the rotary boost control means that it is possible to manipulate it ‘on the fly’ with a careful foot.

A player's choice of wah is subjective and directly linked to musical context. Funksters may need a bigger sweep and bluesmen more refinement, but for players looking to push their tone through heavy guitars, the Tremonti Power Wah is brutally efficient.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Bold, modern performance. Hassle-free operation.


Voicing may not possess enough subtlety for some genres.


Not the best for funk or blues, but for everyone else the Tremonti pushes all the right buttons.

Effect Types



Clear-Tone" buffer circuit, Electro-Optical design, Diamond Plate style footpad, BOOST knob.

Length (Inches)


Width (ins)


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