Mooer Blue Comp

A classic optical compressor

The Mooer name is new on the scene, and offers a range of Chinese-made, (relatively) inexpensive pedals.

They're solidly built, with a thick metal casing, but also micro-sized - ideal for smaller 'boards. Many are obviously 'inspired' by old favourites, and this Blue Comp apes features from the Boss compressor.


Like the Boss CS-1, the pedal has two modes. Treble mode is intended to emphasise the sustain of the treble sound, but realistically it makes the whole sound brighter - no bad thing if you want to kick it in for effect.

With the Attack control offering useful tailoring of the 'nose' of each note, the Blue is fully capable of dishing up some very effective compression.

MusicRadar Rating

4.5 / 5 stars

Compact size. Two modes for different sounds. Effective attack control.




The Blue Comp pedal provides versatile compression in a tiny footprint.

On/Off Switch



42 x 52 x 93.5

Country of Origin


Unit Power Source

9V DC Adaptor


True bypass, normal and treble modes

Available Controls

Attack Level Mode Sustain

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