Homebrew Electronics Detox EQ

Musical EQ to clean up your sound

The Detox, from US firm Homebrew, is a Paul Gilbert signature pedal and has a party piece in that it can turn a distorted rock sound into a clean sound.

"The key is in using the pedal's level knob at a low level"

The key is in using the pedal's level knob at a low level - the effect is different from simply turning your guitar volume knob down (which can make the sound a little muffled), as you have the treble, bass and mid knobs to compensate for any EQ changes.

Without any EQ boosts, unity gain seems to be near the full travel of the level knob, so dialling it back will take the edge off a dirt amp and really clean it up when you are back to about 10 o'clock (Paul Gilbert's preferred setting).

The Detox is no one-trick pony, though; with the level knob up, those cut and boost tone controls can really tweak your amp to your taste, adding a bit of sparkle, bottom-end whomp or whatever - especially useful if you have an amp with minimal tone control.

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Has several useful applications. Hand-built.


Not much.


The Detox EQ is a clever design that offers practical tone tweaking with extra benefits.

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