Homebrew Cremolo

FET-based 'vintage' tremolo pedal

With all-analogue FET-based circuitry, the Cremolo - from US pedal builder Homebrew - is designed to mimic vintage valve tremolos.

"It's a nicely rounded tremolo that really does sound as if it came from a vintage amp"

Intensity and speed knobs are standard on any tremolo pedal, but the Cremolo also has a level knob that can not only compensate for any perceived volume drop when the effect kicks in, but also has extra output to drive an amp or match it to the chain.

Two ranges of speed are available via a slow/fast switch, while another switch turns off the flashing speed indication LED if you find it irritating.

There's a warmth to the Cremolo that screams vintage, or rather whispers it softly into your ear - it's a nicely rounded tremolo that really does sound as if it came from a vintage amp.

You get only one sound, but it's a good one with plenty of subtle shadings available via the intensity knob.

The Cremolo is all about vintage tone, rather than offering a range of tremolo types, so if you are looking for old-school amp trem it might be just what you need.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Sounds like a vintage amp effect. High quality build.


Only one sound.


Good, old-fashioned creamy vintage-sounding tremolo!

Country of Origin


Battery/Adaptor Type

9V Battery Nine-volt mains adaptor


True-bypass, flashing speed indication LED

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