Eastwood Supro Dual Tone

Supro was originally part of the Valco parent company who also owned National. The first Supro Dual Tone had two oversized singlecoils, but Eastwood's reissue comes with a pair of dual coil pickups.

Apart from this, the design is pretty faithful to the original, with a volume and tone control for each pickup and a three-position blade selector switch.

"With a bit of crunch, the Dual Tone works perfectly for bashing out some growly punk powerchords."

A quick look at the specs tells you that the Dual Tone follows a fairly standard singlecut blueprint. A slab body (basswood in this case) with two humbuckers and the usual controls, but if it ain't broke…


Amping up this unassuming critter gives us a mixed reaction. The tone doesn't seem as chunky as you might first expect; the vintage voicing of the pickups and the basswood body makes for a less meaty sound than some of the competition.

With a bit of crunch, the Dual Tone works perfectly for bashing out some growly punk powerchords, and plugging it through a vintage style fuzz pedal places us squarely in garage rock territory.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Loads of vibe, range of tones.


Not as much meat as some.


It's Supro-fly.

Available Controls

2 x Tone 2 x Volume 3-way Pickup Selector

Available Finish

Black, White

Fingerboard Material


Guitar Body Material




Neck Material


No. of Frets


Scale Length (Inches)



2x Valco vintage voiced humbuckers

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