Yamaha HS650 Single braced Hi-Hat Stand

This is the cheapest stand Yamaha make and offers great value - it's just a shame that one or two features are missing

Yamaha has always offered practical and dependable hardware, and this stand is definitely that - it's also their cheapest model! Admittedly you don't get many of the features found on some other models, such as tension adjustment or upper section pipe memory lock, but even so this stand works well.

The action of the simple direct pull-chain drive is impressively fast and smooth, and with a professional grade clutch and dual retractable spikes on the base, this model proves superb value for money.

MusicRadar Rating

3 / 5 stars

Simple yet fast action.


No tension adjustment or upper memory lock.


This stand offers impressive value for money but lacks in features.


Dual retractable spikes on the base, Double braced legs, Felt cymbal support, Available height range: 65-90cm

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