Natal NSTC Cowbells

More cowbell for less money

UK amp firm Marshall's take-over of Natal in 2010 has yielded a host of improved drum and percussion products - including this pair of cowbells.

The first thing that strikes you about our test cowbells is the look. The two we have for review are pleasingly finished in brushed nickel, emblazoned with the sunrise Natal logo.

"Rubber pads inside the top and bottom soften blows if you want to rattle inside the bells"

We were sent the smallest 31⁄2" (8.8cm) and the largest 61⁄2" (16.5cm) in a set of four cowbells. They have angled welded brackets for mounting via comfortable plasticated thumb screws.

Small rubber pads inside the top and bottom soften blows if you want to rattle inside the bells. This also softens the tone which, being steel, is strident with loads of volume when needed.

There's a good octave difference between striking near the mount and at the mouth of the large bell. Strike the small one dead centre for a pleasant ting, agreeably resonant for such a small bell.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Nice finish. Clean, resonate sound. Keen price.


Not much.


Two clean toned, good looking cowbells.

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