Lag Tramontane T400J12CE

A jumbo cutaway with some great electronics under the hood

As can be discerned by its product code, the T400J12CE is a jumbo cutaway electro. Measuring nearly 17.25 inches(437mm) at its widest, it ventures into super-jumbo territory and, in the flesh, it's a very big guitar.

The book-matched solid Sitka spruce top is a quality selection and the laminate Indonesian rosewood back and sides are stained to give a deep, luxuriant look.

"The T400's plump, well-rounded timbre offers good projection and lush sustain, along with a tight bottom end."

Adding to the lush looks, Lag has presented this model (as with all guitars in the T400 Stage series) in a high-gloss finish. We're as impressed with this as we were with the French satin finish. Lag certainly knows how to complete and present its guitars.

Though a large, heavy instrument, we found the T400 comfortable to play. The out-of-the-box set-up is good and the neck non-taxing.

Bridge pins are favoured over the through-bridge design but otherwise, the T400 is spec'd the same as its sibling the T300AE. Quality materials are employed and it's fitted with the Studio Lag Plus electronics.


The T400J12CE offers a likeable acoustic tone, full of character and warmth. The plump, well-rounded timbre offers good projection and lush sustain, along with a tight bottom end.

We'd suggest it's most suited to first-position chords (which, arguably, is the primary function of a 12-string) and when considering the inclusion of the aforementioned onboard electronics, makes a credible inclusion on any mid-priced 12-string electro shortlist.

The Studio Lag Plus system is an enjoyable experience: all the presets offer excellent tonal choices and, when coupled with its excellent acoustic tone, the T400 truly has a lot to offer.

MusicRadar Rating

4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty much everything about it!


Not having a case included at this price.


Performing well both acoustically and amplified, the T400 is a real find - test drive one soon.

Country of Origin



Black chrome, enclosed

Weight (lb)


Back Material

Indonesian rosewood laminate

Left Handed Model Available


Top Material

Solid Sitka spruce



Sides Material

Indonesian rosewood laminate

Scale Length (mm)


Weight (kg)


Fingerboard Material


Nut Material


Body Style

Jumbo cutaway

Available Finish

High gloss

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