Behringer unveil Ultralink ULM100USB Wireless Microphone

The mic comes with a USB receiver for direct-to-DAW recording

German audio specialists Behringer have announced an affordable yet high quality wireless microphone: the Ultralink ULM100USB.

The dynamic mic connects remotely to a USB dongle via a built-in transmitter, which operates in the license-free 2.4 GHz range – thus allowing users to record at high quality without any interference from cell phones, radio stations and the usual culprits.

For the sake of live performances, the dongle also connects to any Ultralink compatible Behringer mixer or active loudspeaker, indicating an Apple-style dependence on a commonly branded chain.

The specs are, nonetheless, impressive: a regular pair of AA batteries can keep the mix going for eight hours, while the sound quality can apparently hold out to a distance of 120 meters. Bundle this together for $99.99 and the mic sounds worthy of investigating.

The Ultralink ULM100USB is out now. For more info, visit Behringer's website.

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