VIDEO: Flickinger Tone Boxes Cranky Atom overdrive pedal demo

Here at MusicRadar we're suckers for a brightly-coloured stompbox with a cool paint job. Happily, the Flickinger Tone Boxes Cranky Atom sounds as good as it looks.

Hand-built and painted by Richard Flickinger in Raleigh, North Carolina, the Cranky Atom is a Tweed-style overdrive that simulates the sound of an overdriven dual triode or, in simple terms, a 15-watt Tweed amp pushed to breaking point.

The pedal's drive control goes from a slightly pushed boost - 'Halcyon' - to classic rich overdrive - 'Caustic' - and beyond into 'Bedlam'. In practical terms this allows you to go from rich and rootsy to near-fuzz levels of meltdown.

Hear it in action in our video demo and visit Flickinger Tone Boxes for the full specifications and dealer information.

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