Steven Adler gets his head drilled!

Steven Adler got his head drilled recently. No, the former Guns N' Roses drummer wasn't taking part in some bizarre reunion initiation. It was for a movie that he recently wrapped.

You read correctly: Adler is making his acting debut in a film called Dahmer Vs Gacy, which is being called an 'action/horror/sci-fi comedy.'

In the film, serial killers Jeffrey Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy battle it out for serial killing bragging rights. It's heartwarming fluff for the entire family, and surely a highlight will be the scene with Adler, who plays a man Dahmer picks up in a bar and then...well, we're not giving anything away.

Who will survive, Dahmer or Adler? Who will live to drum another day? And will any of this really affect a Guns N' Roses reunion? Again, we're not telling.

Pictures courtesy of Steven Adler's MySpace page. Thanks, Blabbermouth.

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