Now we've seen everything: The Heineken Keg Guitar Amp

"My liver suffered to bring you this awesome amp"

What is it about alcohol and amplifiers? First the BalvenAmp, forged from a 12-year-old malt whisky box and now this: the DIY 20W Heineken Draught Keg Guitar Amp.

What is it? Exactly that. A guitar amp built inside an empty keg of Heineken draught beer. It boasts 20 watts of pure beer-power, works with guitar, bass and MP3 players, plugs into any standard power outlet and is all yours (via Etsy) for $119.99. Our favourite feature is the volume control, cleverly placed in the centre of the famous Heineken red star.

Heineken amp

Adults only

The amp's dedicated inventor had this to say: "My liver suffered to bring you this awesome amp, don't worry... the beer went to a good cause!" For any aspiring under-age DIYers out there, try the Coconut amp… it'll taste better. Promise.

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