NAMM 2008: N-Tune chromatic tuner fits onboard guitar

New tuner features true bypass

The 2008 winter NAMM show sees N-Tune officially unveil its onboard chromatic guitar tuner. The tuner fits underneath an electric guitar's volume pot, and can be installed with no permanent modifications to the guitar.

Pulling up the volume pot (in the same way you would a coil tap) engages the tuner and mutes the guitar's output, allowing silent tuning accurate to +/- 2cents. The tuner features bright LEDs for on-stage tuning, and, although batteries are required, N-Tune claims they will last for over 1,700 tunings. The tuner also boasts true bypass circuitry so the guitar's signal is untouched.

N-Tune says that anyone comfortable wielding a soldering iron can install the unit in only 15 minutes, and it's competitively priced at $100.

The N-Tune onboard chromatic guitar tuner is available from January 2008. See N-Tune's website for more information include videos of N-Tune's tuners in action.

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