Frankfurt 09 gallery: Musikmesse in pictures

Candid moments from the show

While much of Frankfurt Musikmesse 2009 was caught on video, sometimes it's a single picture that can paint a thousand words.

So here's an entire book's worth: a gallery of gear, rock stars and, er… pizza.

Musikmesse in pictures

Coffee machine

Coffee fail: what happened to the humble kettle, bag of unidentified brown granules and fully-meltable plastic stirrers you used to find in hotel rooms?

leopard skin keytar

A Stoneboard leopard-skin keytar? 30 minutes into the show? Only in Frankfurt…

Akai miniak

Akai Miniak synth: photographed, filmed, wanted…

fender custom shop

Fender Custom Shop… mmmm, Fender Custom Shop


The Reactable. It's going into production, don't you know?

Peavey jaws

When Peavey met Jaws…

Alesis dm6

Alesis DM6 electronic drum kit…

Alesis e-practice pad

…and the e-Practice Pad

Next page: the Marshall limo, Dave Mustaine and a wall of Orange

Frankfurt 09 gallery: Musikmesse in pictures

Marshall limo

The Marshall limo arrives – this is how Dave Mustaine rolls in Frankfurt…

Dave mustaine

And believe it or not, that is Dave Mustaine demoing his new signature Marshalls… it was loud. And dark

Chris wickett

Intrepid reporter Chris Wickett says "sleeping is cheating." Is that TWO empty glasses?

Cube drum kit

Klanginitiative cube kit: they'll be all the rage next year (maybe)

Gibson raw power

A row of sheer Raw Power courtesy of the Gibson stand

Open labs

While checking out Open Labs' DBeat, we couldn't walk past this Opensynth without snapping

Ludwig liverpool 4 drums

Ludwig Liverpool 4 drums: a faithful recreation of Ringo's 60s kit

Orange wall

A wall of Orange

Orange amps

More Orange. But then again, not orange

Next page: Joe Satriani, guitar porn and the pizza!

Frankfurt 09 gallery: Musikmesse in pictures


This pizza was called The Fire. It was very hot. There was no tomato in it. Just cheese and Jalapenos. And black olives

Joe satriani

Green pedal, red pedal, orange trainers. It can only be…

joe satriani

Joe Satriani at the Vox Q and A. Notice MR's Chris Vinnicombe stage left

Yamaha nx

Yamaha NX: nylon strings are all the rage, you see

Roland ax synth

Here's a picture of a Roland Ax-Synth. Just because…

Vox phantom

A Vox Phantom: a proud member of MusicRadar's Guitar Porn Series

Spooky fireball

And to finish up, it's a, er... spooky fireball guitar thing


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